Games & Experiments

I make games and other things. At the moment I'm making them pretty fast so I wanted somewhere to host them. That somewhere is here. Try them, they all run in your browser! (Well Chrome/Firefox at least)

2018 Prototypes

Sunwalker 2018

Dev time: 2 months on and off. Finished 02/05/18

2017 2 Week Prototypes

Space Station Amadeus

Dev time: 2 weeks. Finished 25/02/17

Break The Bank

Dev time: 2 weeks. Finished 11/02/17

Torch Lighter

Dev time: 2 weeks. Finished 28/01/17

Sunwalker Omega

Dev time: 2 weeks. Finished 14/01/17

2014 and Earlier

World War Naughts and Crosses

Dev time: 3 days. Finished 14/08/13

Mr Bandana

Dev time: 2 weeks. Finished: 09/08/13

Interdimensional Cube

Dev time: 1/2 day. Finished 23/09/13

Canyon Run

Dev time: 1/2 days. Finished 24/09/13

Project Bat v1

Dev time: 1 Month. Finished 25/10/13


Dev time: 2 Months with friends. Finished 03/15/14

Sunwalker Version 1

Dev time: 2 Weeks. Finished 06/11/14